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But Let There Be Space For Us  

To Frolic In This Unlikely Place

Emulsion on Wood, Acrylic Plastic,

Dried Pods, Light


This work centers around the life of people who are disparate from what the society deems as acceptable and normal and how space is of utmost importance to them.


The attachment they develop towards a space often depends on the architectural design and the disposition of the buildings.

Stairwells and void decks with empty and hidden intermediate spaces and laid out not adjacent or parallel to one another are spaces that would allow for the privacy that they have been searching high and low for.

And in extreme cases, those who are caught in these spaces and reprimanded by law are either placed behind bars or told to leave the country if they are not a Singapore residence, hence, being forced to detach themselves from the place they call home and all that they have built for themselves thus far.

These spaces are sanctuaries where they can frolic among others like themselves and imagine, just for that brief moment in time, that this world is theirs too, and that they are no different from everyone else.

But Let There Be Space For Us to Frolic In This Unlike Place and Here, There, Where? were created for UNTAPPED Emerging 2017 exhibition held in Shophouse 5, organised by Visual Arts Development Association Singapore.

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