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Can I Grow A Sculpture?

Single-Channel Video, 7:30mins


Can I Grow A Sculpture? came about as a response to Faris' desire to find new ways of making his signature works that aren't as time consuming and labour intensive.

Embracing the experimental nature of Workshopables, this project was the artist's attempt at letting go of control and rigidness in his art-making; digitally growing a sculpture, not having full control over the visual outcome of the sculpture by letting computers and software take over.

This work was a part of Workshopables: The Exhibition held at Supernormal Gallery,


"Workshopables is an experiment in pedagogy, aesthetics and sustainability amongst Singapore artist. In this project, participants did three things: teach, learn, and make."

-Michael Lee, Ong Kian Peng

Faris Nakamura
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