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Emanation of Desire

Emulsion on Treated Wood, Plexiglass



Emanation of Desire inquires how we ordained certain rights to spaces. Why are certain people allowed in the partaking of a space? Inversely, why are other groups of people not allowed?

The artist would also like to explore the particular fascination with a larger social statement, of how spaces have become unspoken echo chambers of the irrationality in a legislative system. The artist's subliminal suggestions planted in this work reveals an unspoken code of self-restraint and a yearning to be given permission. The work possesses silhouettes and visual cues from the spaces that the artist has used before, permissible or otherwise.

This work was showcased at ART SG, as part of a presentation that aims to provide a survey of Southeast Asian contemporary art, ranging from works inspired by mythology with socio-political commentary embedded in them to direct engagement in one’s natural and social environment. These ideas eventually boil down to two questions: how do we navigate the human experience and grapple with existence?

Faris Nakamura
Faris Nakamura
Faris Nakamura
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