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Clay, Metal mesh, Wire, Twigs and Branches


Drawing from the artist’s deep fascination in entomology and paleontology, this encounter combines the wonderment and spirit of these two fields through the activations of two sites.


The first site encapsulates the process of discovering fossils, and in this case, fossils that resemble the exoskeletons of various types of insects. The second site is an interpretation of a laboratory which brings you to construct and create possible new lifeforms by combining the found exoskeletons-like fossils in an exploratory way.


The main focus of this encounter is the element of discovery and the joy that comes along with it, referencing back to entomology, where thousands of new animal species are being discovered with about half of those being insects and paleontology, where paleontologists have unearthed strange new species of the past that are unlike anything we have seen before. 

At the end of the encounter, the artist will give life to these creations by drawing them as living insects.

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