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The Light Between Walls

Matt Enamel on Treated Wood, Acrylic, Metal, Mirrors, Light


The Light Between Walls is a continuation of Faris' work that is about the constant negotiation of public spaces and those seeking refuge.

"Working with a grand dramatic overview, Faris has managed to create miniature dream-spaces using a sophisticated, abstracted visual language. Building on the earlier wall-mounted and columnar pieces, the artist has extended the play of light and shadow, visibility and hiddenness. Through clever control and manipulation of planes, he elevates his subject from a point of being covert to a beautiful clarity. Faris has overcome earlier issues of construction and colour to reach a fine resolution where themes of safety and coming out are elegantly articulated."

- Seah Tzi-Yan, Programme Curator of Young Talent Programme.

The Light Between Walls was created for the Young Talent Programme 2017/18 Winners' Solo Exhibition. The Young Talent Programme is an ION Art collaboration with the annual November edition of the Affordable Art Fair Singapore and is an award programme.

The Light Between Walls
The Light Between Walls
Sweet Beginnings
Sweet Endings
Sweet Endings
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