Acrylic On Water Colour Paper


Outcome is about my attempt to be part of the Japanese identity through the traditional Japanese art of paper folding known as Origami.


Having a Japanese family name, I am part Japanese but have never identified myself as one. Born and raised in Singapore to a mixed heritage family, I have always felt that I could not be sorted into a particular race. In hopes to find a place where I could get the sense of belonging that i was longing for, I travelled to Japan.


The best-known model of Origami is the Japanese paper crane. I wanted to learn how to fold the Japanese paper crane but with only written instructions and no physical guidance as a reflection of me being part Japanese only on papers and had not grown up in a Japanese-cultured environment. The end results were anomalies of the Japanese crane.


These Japanese paper crane anomalies mirror how I too am an anomaly to Japan and its people. 

This artwork was exhibited in Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice