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    2011 - 2014

    Goldsmith, University of London by LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore 

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (First Class Honours)



    IMPART Awards Winner, Visual Artist Category


    Young Talent Programme Winner's Solo


    Kobe Biennale Grand Winner - Shitsurai Art International Competition, Kobe Biennale 


    First Class Honours - Bachelor of Fine Arts


    Winston Oh Travel Award



    Gold with Honours - Flautist: Orchid Park Wind Orchestra, Singapore Youth Festival 2005

    Gold with Distinction - Flautist: Orchid Park Wind Orchestra, 21st Century International Band Competition

Solo Exhibitions:


    The Periphery of the Other - Richard Koh Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

     Facebook Open Arts: It Was Here Where We First Kissed - Facebook APAC HQ, Marina One, Singapore


    Remember This Place, For We Will Be Back Here Again Someday - Richard Koh Fine Art, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

    The Camouflaged Man: Invisibility & Mimicry, S.E.A Focus - Richard Koh Fine Art, Gillman Barracks, Singapore


    The Light Between Walls, Young Talent Programme Winners’ Solo - ION Art Gallery, Singapore


    Between Places, NMH x Flanuer 5.0 - New Majestic Hotel, Singapore 


Group Exhibitions: 


     State of Play - Richard Koh Fine Art, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

      Gestures of Landscape - Richard Koh Fine Art, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

      Workshopables: The Exhibition - Supernormal Gallery, Singapore

      WWF - Singapore's AR-mazing Tiger Trail - Raffles Hotel, Singapore


     In Our Own Frame - Richard Koh Fine Art, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

     Finding the Art in our Heartlands: Important Local Services - Plural Art Mag online, Singapore

     Streets of Hope: An Initiative by National Arts Council - Civic District, Singapore

    Nothing To Hide: Private Collection of Contemporary Southeast Asia Art - Oxley Bizhub, Singapore

    Emerging: Collecting Singapore Contemporary - The Private Museum, Singapore


    The Concerned Citizens Showcase - The Substation, Singapore

    Departure 3 - Ipreciation, Singapore


    AAF: Young Talent Programme - F1 pit Building, Singapore

    VADA: Untapped Emerging - Shophouse 5, Singapore 


    EPHEMERA - The Substation, Singapore


    Art Bounties - Central Public Library, Singapore 

    Art of Our City: Young Singaporean Artist - The Art Space@Suntec, Singapore 

    Affordable Art Fair - F1 Pit Building, Singapore 

    Art Discovered Edition 1 - The Art Fellas Gallery, Singapore


    Lasalle Show 2014 - ICA Gallery, Singapore 

    Dibs Collaboration - Dibs Restaurant, Marine Terrace Blk 55, Singapore 

    Open field: Offbeat@Winstedt - Winstedt Road No. 9, Singapore 


    Art of Giv   ing Exhibition - Scotts Square, Singapore 

    Winston Oh Travel Award 2013 - Praxis Space Gallery, Singapore 

    Lasalle Show 2013 - ICA Gallery, Singapore 


    And the Story Goes - Brother Joseph McNally Gallery, Singapore 

    Raw & Craft - Ngee Ann Kong Si Library, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore


    Exhibition With Heri Dono - Critique Room, Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore

    Beyond Limits - Praxis Space Gallery, Singapore 

Overseas Exhibitons:


    Guessing Game - Ku Bar, Bangkok, Thailand


    Contemporary Venice: Architectures of Identities - Palazzo Ca' Zanardi, Venice 


    Shitsurai Art International Exhibition, Kobe Biennale 2015 - Meriken Park Kobe, Japan


   “sMall iDeas” - FASS Gallery, Sabanci University, Tuzla - Istanbul, Turkey 


    George Town Festival - Penang, Malaysia

Artist Talks:


    Conversation Space: Studio Faris Nakamura - Goodman Arts Center, Singapore


    Safe Spaces: Artist Talk with Faris Nakamura - BlueJeans Online, Facebook, Singapore


    In the Works - Artists on Process - ION Art Gallery, Singapore


    loveLASALLE Open Night: Surviving the Brave New (Art) World (Artist Talk) - Lasalle College of the Arts, Singapore



    Making Imagined Spaces - ION Art Gallery, Singapore


    2020 - 2021

    Facebook Open Arts


Press & Publications:


     Plural Art Mag (Nov 2021) - M is for Minimalism

     Men's Folio (October 2021) 

     Richard Koh Fine Art (Sep 2021) - "The Periphery Of The Other" by Faris Nakamura

     TQPR Thailand (Sep 2021)- A Solo by Faris Nakamura

     S.E.A Focus 2021 (Feb 2021) - Artist Studio Visits: Faris Nakamura & Melissa Tan


     Art & Market (December 2020) - 10 Years On with Richard Koh Fine Art

    Shentonista (November 2020) -  SAM x Shentonista: Novel Ways of Dressing - Open Mind

    NuYou Singapore (November 2020) - 15 Faces to Watch: Artist Faris Nakamura Wants To Change Your           

    Perception Of Space Through His Sculptures 

    Our Heartlands (August 2020) - From Now On You Will Not Be Alone, Faris Nakamura at Shaw Lodge Dormitary

    Art Outreach Singapore (August 2020) - Streets of Hope: A Conversation with Artist, Faris Nakamura

    Plural Art Mag (July 2020) - Finding the Art in our Heartlands: Important Local Services

    Time Out Singapore (April 2020) - Faris Nakamura aims to change the perception of contemporary art in


    FEMALE Magazine Singapore (January 2020) - Of Nooks And Crannies: Faris Nakamura’s Structures Play On His

    Fascination With Space


    Object Lessons Space (December 2019) - Faris Nakamura on White Spaces, Documenting Architectural Changes

    and A Working Format for Awkward Negotiations

    Cartellino (October 2019) - Faris Nakamura On Spaces Of Once Comfort

    Art & Market (October 2019) - Faris Nakamura solo at Richard Koh Fine Art

    Singapore Art & Gallery Guide (October 2019)- Remember This Place, For We Will Be Back Here Again Someday

    Berita Harian (February 2019) - Kenangan zaman kanak-kanak jadi corak kerja seni tentang ruang (Childhood

    memories turned into artistic works about space)

    Singapore Tatler (January 2019) - 5 Artists to watch at Singapore Art Week 2019

    The Straits Times (January 2019) - Community spirit on show at Singapore Art Week: National Arts Council


    Lianhe Zaobao (October 2018) - The Mysterious Art Of The Void  

    Berita Harian (September 2018) - Malay Artist with Japanese blood Opens Up About Issues On Isolation


    CulturePulse (July 2017) - Artist Highlight


    Invisible Photographer Asia (November 2016) - EPHEMERA Highlight: What would have been - Reviving an 

    abondaned past


    Kobe Biennale 2015 Artworks Catalogue (ISBN978-4-568-50623-5, 2016)

    Kobe Biennale 2015 - Shitsurai International Art Competition Kobe Biennale Grand Winner

    The New Paper (December 2015) - Metal of Honour: SG artist wins at Kobe Biennale 2015

    Berita Harian (December 2015) - Seniman arca bertaraf dunia (World Class Sculptor)


    Berita Harian (April 2014) - Bebas bertukang, 'menanam' seni (Independant Artist's 'Planted' Art)


    12th International Conference WASBE (2005) - Flautist of Singapore Youth Wind Orchestra

Music Performances:


    12th International Conference WASBE: Singapore Youth Wind Orchestra - Esplanade Concert Hall, Singapore


    2005 - 2006

    Singapore Youth Wind Orchestra

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