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Glowing Sky Just Before Dusk

Emulsion on Treated Wood, Plexiglass



Drawing from three aspects: Preservation, restoration and design, Faris Nakamura accentuates the use of clear materials. Acrylic plastic and glass are used as protective covering for a fragile structure, in making additions to buildings without burdening its foundation.


Faris' research shows that buildings from 20th and 21st century employed a prominent use of glass and acrylic as a construction material in their facade, citing examples of architecture such as Gwyn Hall (Wales, UK), Glynn Vivian Art Gallery (Swansea, UK) and the Glass House Project (Menokin Foundation, USA).

The artist was also intrigued by the storage / display methods of art work, i.e. to prolong their lifespan, art works are typically encased in a glass / acrylics case or framed in the same material.

This guarantees a sturdy layer of protection, in addition to simplifying future cleaning processes.


 An excerpt on the work by Euginia Tan

This artwork was a part of a group exhibition titled State of Play held at Richard Koh Fine Art, Gillman Barracks, Singapore

Faris Nakamura
Faris Nakamura
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