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The Future You Are Looking For
Might Just Be In The Past

Matte Enamel on Wood, Acrylic, PVC



Faris' works tend to echo familiar silhouettes of Singapore’s architecture, from flights of stairs to profile views of high-rise flats, focusing on the tiny pockets of breathing space found in the compact designs of this building.


However, this work cannot really be placed. It does not point to an easily recognisable silhouette, and favours wave-like curves as opposed to sharp and angular lines. Up close, the spaces in between are not easily identifiable, somewhat mimicking the structures found of a rooftop.


Taking the title into consideration, it seems that the artist is referencing current architectural and heritage discourse of preservation and conservation. Overall, there is a sense that the artist is playing more with Singapore’s architectural vernacular, warping and collapsing its dimensions. 

An excerpt on the work by Lara Tan, Art and Market

This artwork was a part of a group exhibition titled In Our Own Frame held at Richard Koh Fine Art, Gillman Barracks to commemorate Richard Koh Fine Art (Singapore) 10th Anniversary. 

Faris Nakamura
Faris Nakamura
Faris Nakamura
Faris Nakamura
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