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Light Between Walls (Installation)

Gypsum Partition Walls, Wood, Pipe, Enamel, Prints, Light


The Light Between Walls is a tender and contemplative look at the constant negotiation of public spaces by people who are disparate from what society deems as acceptable and normal. Faris is concerned that such discriminatory societal views may remain unchanged when exacerbated by existing state laws and regulations, resulting in the continual lack of acceptance and accessibility. When does the public infringe on the private and can these spaces truly be for the public without discrimination?

This artwork was created as part of The Concerned Citizens Programme; a programme that encouraged one to look into the ways that urban space is used and produced, as well as how inhabitants of the city can take initiative in conceptualising and/or effecting interventions in our city. Selected participants undertook a six-month process of knowledge-building and research before proposing their own project in relation to issues pertaining to urban form and social life.

Faris Nakamura
Faris Nakamura
Faris Nakamura
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