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From Now On You Will Not Be Alone

Enamel on Wood, Cardstork Paper, PVC sheet


"This particular work depicts Shaw Lodge Dormitory – an 8-storey purpose-built dormitory catering to the housing needs of migrant workers. On 17 April 2020, it was gazetted as an isolation area under the Infectious Diseases Act, to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Even though, you are probably looking at an image of the work on a computer or mobile screen, imagine the work in 3-D and dipping your head to peer at it, eyes travelling over the building’s lines and protrusions and the subtle shadows cast on its white surface. Imagine looking closer, then noticing only your reflection in the dark, glossy windows. You can’t look in; you only see yourself. And this is key: it suggests the invisibility of the occupants of the building to most of us, until now.

The title of the work, From Now on You Will Not Be Alone, serves as a message of reassurance to the migrant workers who live and work among us. As much as the pandemic has put them through much distress and fear, it has also made us more aware of their existence and the conditions in which they live."

- Excerpt of the work by Ker Wey

In the past few months that we’ve collectively stayed at home, what are some places in Singapore that we have missed? In this series, we invite Singapore visual artists to respond to beloved places that have patiently awaited the day that we can visit them once more, as well as some of the important local services that have kept us going during this pandemic.

- Plural Art 

Faris Nakamura
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