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Ghost Tiger

Epoxy Clay, Wire mesh, PU primer on Fiberglass Resin


Ghost Tiger's name and stark whiteness is inspired by the ghost bike movement in which a white bicycle is placed by the roadside, where a cyclist was killed or gravely injured by a motor vehicle. Emulating that movement, Ghost Tiger is intended as a memorial to the tiger that was shot in Raffles Hotel and all the other tigers that have lost their lives due to human intervention or poaching.

Parts of Ghost Tiger's stripes float off its body, with patterns visually akin to smoke or wind depicted in Asian illustrations, accentuating its phantom appearance. It watches over Raffles Hotel, making it a symbol of protection. However, Ghost Tiger also serves as a solemn reminder to us that the tigers themselves are in need of protection. 

Ghost Tiger is one of the 33 life-sized tiger sculptures for the AR-mazing Tiger Trail 2022; an island-wide art trail designed by a collective of internationally-acclaimed artists in a bid to further awareness of the conservatorship of these magnificent creatures. Each of these sculptures present a unique perspective on how climate change, poaching & deforestation is affecting tigers in the wild. 

- The World Wide Fund for Nature Singapore (WWF- Singapore)

Ghost Tiger
Ghost Tiger (Eyes)
Ghost Tiger (Detail)
Ghost Tiger (Face)
Ghost Tiger (Side)
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