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Enamel on Wood, Acrylic Plastic, Metal Wires/Pieces


"In the fifth edition of our annual Art & Design issue, Female Magazine spotlights five emerging Singapore-based artists who’ve captured our imagination. And what better way to know their work than by commissioning them to interpret our favourite letter?

When viewed head-on, Faris Nakamura’s spare, seemingly minimalist sculptures can appear a tad two-dimensional. But unlike works that may be more immediately attention-grabbing – and to be coarse, Instagram-friendly – his art is best experienced in person. What may not be easily evident are obscured passageways, stairways and various small nooks and crannies that can only be found through active viewing – when viewers take the time and pain to examine the works from different angles.


The structure created for Female Magazine, which took two weeks to craft using wood, acrylic and metal wires, follows the same tender, sociological approach; it is intended to be an invitation for acceptance and inclusion – timely topics which will only continue to snowball.

- Keng Yang Shuen, FEMALE Magazine Singapore 

Faris Nakamura
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