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Wooden Chair, Wood, Epoxy, Plants


Being given a lushious green open field as a creative space for my artworks, Fur(nature) merges funiture and the plants which are found in the open field.

This work is a commentary on the relationship man has with nature. Nature living along side man but often ignored, neglected or worst, destroyed. I dealt with this issue with Fur(Nature), in which man is confronted by the vegetation he might not have taken noticed of previously as he takes a seat. Unsettling at first, as the vegetation appears it would hinder him from sitting comfortably, he soon realises it is not the case. I hope that with given time, man will learn to compromise and live harmoniously with nature.

As this work stands the test of time, the vegetation and furniture manages to symbiotically co-exist, without one engulfing or restricting the other.

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